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Little man from France who love Art !
It's been a long time I haven't post and I am searching for artist who whish make a collaboration with me I provide the material idea and you draw it.

Why I am searching a collab in fact reccently I happen to watch some of the past Super Sentai series and I ended created one and it appears that I ended create something really good.

take a look

My Super Sentai is named Uchuu Sentai Kouseiger genre Military Super Sentai with Animals Crystal gimmick and card for the henshin process the Animals Crystal are called SeijuuKesshou those are animals who are composed of living crystal and whish they came from Andromeda Galaxy.

Being chased from millennial they are forced to leave their former galaxy home place to end in ours Milky Way exhausted they fall on earth during the time where earth was only made of one continantal block called Pangaea burried deep in the ground their body stay like death like this from thousand and thousand years until a scientist and geologist discover their existence.

To late for restor their former body the scientist propose to the living crystal animal to being transformed and shaped into powerful weapon vehicle called Uchuu-Machine.

Cause a threat is comming earth 4 armies who seems also fight among themself have decided to establish their final war on earth without caring about it's inhabitant.

My Super Sentai is composed of 10 Warrior.

The main Sentai corps use Crystal Card who are being inserted in a Crystal Brace Morpher who have the shape of the head of their respective SeijuuKesshou and color

With have:
  • Zenosuke as KouseiRed a man with the attribute of sky and fire using a Crystal Sword
  • Iruka as KouseiBlue a man with the attribute of sea and water using a Crystal Spear
  • Riku as KouseiGreen a woman with the attribute of earth and rock using a Crystal Axe
  • Tsubasa as KouseiYellow a woman with the attribute sky and thunder using a Crystal Bow
  • Kameko as KouseiPink a woman with the attribute of sea and aether using a Crystal Chakram
  • Hoshi as KouseiBlack a man with the attribute of earth and gravity using a Crystal Mace
They all have two supportive other weapon such as one dagger and a gun

We have for complete the man corps two Support Kousei Warrior using Crystal Card and a Crystal Gun Changer
  • Kouri Kin as KouseiSilver a man with the attribute of Ice and Mineral using a Crystal Drill
  • Tora Kin as KouseiGold a woman with the attribute of Lava and Metal using a Double Crystal Claw
The twins have also two supportive other weapon such as one tonfa and a gun

The whole teams is under command of one leadership who can help the team when needed he use Crystal Card and Cristal Stripe Side Shifter
  • Hebi Kukyo as KouseiAce (Color Violet) a man with the attribute of void and magnestism using a Crystal Scythe
He possessed two supportive weapon two Revolver and one Blade

The team finally have a part time support member whish is the scientist who discover the SeijuKesshou she use Crystal Card and a GripCard Transformer.
  • Uma Shinzen as KouseiWise (color white) a woman with the attribute of Nature and life Using a Crystal whip 
She had just one supportive weapon wish is simply a pistoldagger (a transformative weapon who can switch into two mode 


As for the Vehicles and Mecha we had:

DaiKousei is constituted of Uchuu-Machine:
  • UchuuDrago (KouseiRed) head + body part | type: Fighter Aircraft
  • UchuuDolphin (KouseiBlue) Right arms | type: Navy Frigate
  • UchuuWolf (KouseiGreen) Right feet | type: Armored Car
  • UchuuPhoenix (KouseiYellow) Left Arms | type: Helicopter
  • UchuuTurle (KouseiPink) Right feet | type: Submarine
  • UchuuAuroch (KouseiBlack) Body part + members part | type: Tank
To form The DaiKousei !

Ginga-oh is constituted of Uchuu-Machine:
  • UchuuCondor (Auxiliary Red) Head | Type: Cargo Jet
  • UchuuWhale (Auxiliary Blue) Upper Body | Type: Cargo Boat
  • UchuuSnake (Auxiliary Black) Lower Body | Type: Cargo Train
To form The Ginga-Oh !

ChouSeidan is constituted of Uchuu-Machine:
  • UchuuLion (Auxiliary Yellow) Head part + Body Part | type: Marauder
  • UchuuTriton (Auxiliary Green) Head part + Arms Part | type: Hovercraft
  • UchuuWyvern (Auxiliary Pink) Head part + Legs Part | type: Airship (Zeppelin)
To form The ChouSeidan !

RenseiRobot is constituted of Uchuu-Machine:
  • UchuuShark (KouseiSilver) lower body | Type: Navy Carrier
  • UchuuEagle (KouseiGold) upper body + head | Type: Gyro Carrier
To form The RenseiRobot

Astrojin is constituted of Uchuu-Machine:
  • UchuuPegasus (KouseiAce) Body + Legs | Type: Space Shuttle
  • UchuuUnicorn (KouseiWise) Head + Arms | Type: Space Rocket

To form The DaiAstrojin

And with DaiKousei + Ginga-oh + ChouSeidan + RenseiRobot + Astrojin = Supreme-UchuuDaijin


All of that fight against four armies and one puppet master who seek only carnage through fight

  • A Space Army of fierce warrior based on Rock + Minotaros + Gladiator
  • A Space Evil Wizard School based on Wind Spell and Cockatrix
  • A Space Robot Corporation based on fire and Hellhound
  • A Space Water Evil Pirate based on Hydra and water

  • One puppet master who are also a Bounty Hunter/Planet Eater and based on Shadow and Death

So who are interested to create with me this team with their Mecha if possible ? and most who are interested with this project of mine ?
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